In Autumnal Fog 2009 – Download



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Rapidshare – Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III – Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III
Torrent @ Mininova – Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III

Released in November 2009
A compilation in cooperation with


Black/Pagan Metal, (Dark) Folk, Ambient


Follow us and sink deep into the autumn mist with the aid of this tripartite free mp3 sampler.
Expect mighty Black/Pagan Metal (Chapter I & II) as well as atmospheric Folk and Ambient (Chapter II & III) and fall in sweet melancholy for over two and a half hour. Make the experience of a never ending autumn, not less than thirty bands and solo musicians are involved in this perfect soundtrack for a dark but also beautiful season.
Including new and unheard metal songs from Imperium Dekadenz, SIG:AR:TYR, Oakenshield and Njiqahdda, accompanied with acoustic music from artists like Nest, Art Of Empathy, Vurgart, Novemthree or Message To Bears.
Don’t miss this great chance and download this compilation (with full artwork) for free!

Trailer Video:


Chapter I: Under The Rising Storm
01 Novemthree (USA) – „Reaching The Summit At Nightfall“
02 SIG:AR:TYR (CAN) – „Blood Of The North“
03 Der Weg Einer Freiheit (GER) – „Spätsommer“
04 Imperium Dekadenz (GER) – „An Autumn Serenade“
05 Mondstille (AUT) – „Mir Träumt“
06 Schattenvald (GER) – „Rot Vor Hass Glüht’s Im Gebirg“
07 The Hare And The Moon (UK) – „The Thin Ghost“
08 Svartvarg (GER) – „An[]Le(h)nen“
09 Black Autumn (GER) – „The Threefold Life“

Chapter II: Wandering Through Forlorn Landscapes
01 Munarheim (GER) – „Herbst“
02 Falls of Rauros (USA) – „The Fire We Fathered“
03 Neglektum (SWE) – „Obsolete Ways“
04 Oakenshield (UK) – „Twa Corbies“
05 Nest (FIN) – „Kontio“
06 Stjarna (GER) – „Evocation“
07 Art Of Empathy (BEL) – „The Design“
08 Njiqahdda (USA) – „Envaas Fortu Vaan“

Chapter III: Nightfall In The Darkstone Forest
01 Upon Ruins (AUT) – „Solitude And Distant Thunder“
02 Vurgart (GER) – „Blätter Fallen Von Den Ästen“
03 Woodland Choir (HUN) – „I’ve Found Me In You“
04 Empty Vessel Music (USA) – „The Burial“
05 Message To Bears (UK) – „Running Through Woodland“
06 Astoroth (GER) – „Mondnacht“
07 Wendess (CAN) – „Aux Jours Maussades“
08 Elysium+Obscura (USA) – „Ascension“
09 Betray-Ed (FRA) – „Wandering“
10 Nyctalgia (SUI) – „Remains Of A Blue Rose“
11 Q_Snc (GRE) – „A Moment In Grief“
12 Trauerspiel (AUT) – „Hall Of Sorrow“
13 Naudhiz (GER) – „Schattenwege (with Susanne S.)“


Photography by ThyMournia and Day-Light.


3 Antworten to “In Autumnal Fog 2009 – Download”

  1. Hi there,

    thank you for your really great work! I like the music alot.
    I wrote an announcement into my blog (german) – I hope it will help to spread the compliation :)

    Greetings from Germany

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