10 Songs for free download – Vol.11: Small Town Lullabies


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Released in April 2010


Acoustic, Indie, Folk, Singer/Songwriter


The long wait is over; ‘Small Town Lullabies’ is the 11th part of the series and it’s full of indie-folk songs from ten less known artists. If you are interested in gentle acoustic music with melancholic melodies, then don’t hesitate and download this sampler for free!

Trailer Video:


01 The Dead Eyes Of London (GER)Spitting In The Dirt
02 The Great Park (UK) – You Are Better Than This (first version)
03 Louis Aguilar (USA) – Six Feet Under
04 The Nichols Family Gospel Hour (USA) – Deaths Lullaby Feat. Dave Lee
05 Josh Woodward (USA) – She Remained
06 Shino (GER) – Green Mile
07 Peter Matthew Kasen (USA) – Black Ink
08 Our Ceasing Voice (AUT) – Summer’s Orange Haze (Acoustic)
09 No Hype (IR) – Signs
10 Tristame (USA) – The Beginning

Photography by Vacuela – Thanks!

10 Songs for free download - Vol.11: Small town lullabies

10 Songs for free download - Vol.11: Small Town Lullabies

All permissions given by the bands & artists.

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3 Antworten zu “10 Songs for free download – Vol.11: Small Town Lullabies”

  1. Great, calm, melodic voices and bit of melancholy… Great job as always.

  2. Perfectly indited content material, thanks for information.

  3. Hi, sometimes I see a 400 site error when I view your website. I thought you may wish to know, cheers

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