In Autumnal Fog 2010 – Bands wanted!

After the big success of „In Autumnal Fog 2009„:

We are looking again for bands that are interested in contributing a track to our free online sampler. If you make dark and melancholic music (without big financial intentions) in style of atmospheric metal or folk, then feel free to send us a mail to or a message on myspace.
(Deadline: End of September 2010)

PS: We also plan a CD release – Please send us a mail if you are interested in buying one (for information only)!


Eine Antwort to “In Autumnal Fog 2010 – Bands wanted!”

  1. great stuff … hope you`ll find artists for 2010 … maybe you should promote it on lastfm … there are many unknown artists promoting their songs and maybe you`ll find more artists for in autumnal fog 2010 …

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