10 Songs for free download – Vol.12: Spirits of Summer II


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Released in August 2010


Indie, Acoustic, Ambient


The follower of  „Spirits of Summer“ brings you again a mix of emotional summer songs and atmospheric ambient tracks. Ten worth listening tracks (some previously unreleased) are waiting to be downloaded.

Trailer Video:


01 Botany Bay (GER) – You Know (Spirits of Summer Edit)
02 Schattenspiel (GER) – Der Flug des Schmetterlings
03 The.Princess.and.the.Pearl (GER) – Billows
04 Orange Crush (NOR) – The Creek
05 Jim Guittard (USA) – Beach (Acoustic)
06 I Said Yes (UK) – Five Guitar Song
07 Danny Spacecat (UK) – Joyrider
08 Seelenlauf (GER) – Ich Segele Übers Meer (Instrumental)
09 Deadstar (FRA) – Summer Dreams (In Clouds Above)
10 Ben Woods (UK) – Things Weren’t Always This Way


10 Songs for free download - Vol.12

10 Songs for free download - Vol.12

All permissions given by the bands & artists.

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Eine Antwort to “10 Songs for free download – Vol.12: Spirits of Summer II”

  1. […] zum Wetter hat das Skeksis Netlabel Project eine neue Compilation veröffentlicht, nämlich “Spirits Of Summer II”. Wir sind mit einem bislang unveröffentlichten, neuen Song mit dem Titel “You Know” […]

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