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Vol.11 & New Youtube accounts

Posted in NEWS with tags , , , , on 19. März 2010 by skeksisnetlabel

10 Songs for free download – Vol.11

Some hardware problems delay the release of the next part of the „10 Songs for free download“ series.
Vol. 11 will be entitled „Small town lullabies“ and will contain mostly dark, slow & melancholic acoustic songs.
Following bands are contributing a track (one place is still left):
The Nichols Family Gospel Hour (USA)
The Great Park (UK)
The Dead Eyes Of London (GER)
Shino (GER)
Josh Woodward (USA)
No Hype (IR)
Peter Matthew Kasen (USA)
Tristame (USA)
Our Ceasing Voice (AUT)

Release in the near future..

New Youtube accounts

Last month my youtube account got deleted because of some strange copyright problems with WMG. Meanwhile, I have a new account, where I’m uploading some of the old videos – feel free to subscribe again!
I’m also uploading all tracks of the compilations individually on this channel.